Steph Wass Photography


Well it’s been a while since i last posted. Due to personal circumstances, my MA is a bit behind although with the help of friends, i managed to get to Milan and Paris to undertake some shooting and building of relationships for future work. I have uploaded a few images on the web pages but have a backlog of editing to do. And of course my dissertation…however remaining positive albeit a bit drained. Positivity to resume soon!

Postgraduate Study

After graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA (Hons) Photography with First Class Honours in 2020,  I was excited to take up my postgraduate study at UAL, London College of Fashion in October in MA Fashion Photography. I will keep you updated on this fantastic opportunity…whilst in the midst of a Pandemic…

Final Degree

Well it has been an interesting few months having to turn my degree into something which I had not intended, but hey ho, life throws out these curve balls however disappointing. I have now put together a body of work that I am proud of having travelled into New York and then back over to Europe to follow the excitement and anticipation of fashion week. Sadly no campaign but instead a photo journal account of the ‘big 4’ fashion cities as it happened. Yes I became a photo journalist. My book has been published and my final presentation is in a few  days time. 

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