Steph Wass Photography

She did it!

Well its official, MA Fashion Photography complete and results in! Finally graduated with great feedback. What’s next? Well some time to reflect and work to book. Thank you to all at UAL! An unusual journey where a lot was learnt.


Well it’s been a while since i last posted. Due to personal circumstances, my MA is a bit behind although with the help of friends, i managed to get to Milan and Paris to undertake some shooting and building of relationships for future work. I have uploaded a few images on the web pages but have a backlog of editing to do. And of course my dissertation…however remaining positive albeit a bit drained. Positivity to resume soon!

Postgraduate Study

After graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA (Hons) Photography with First Class Honours in 2020,  I was excited to take up my postgraduate study at UAL, London College of Fashion in October in MA Fashion Photography. I will keep you updated on this fantastic opportunity…whilst in the midst of a Pandemic…

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