Steph Wass Photography


After a very icy start to the week, I headed into the studio again with my model Lily who has been an absolute star. The clothes were found from the Betty Smithers Collection at Staffordshire University with the help from the lovely Caroline. I wanted a strong print and striking pieces which I knew I would find in the colllection. I think I could lose myself in the Betty Smithers collection daily!

As lights were booked out I used the Quads and one of the Broncolor lights which with the help from Mike @mikegouldphotography we managed to get synced.

Studio Fashion Fine Art

A lot of fun in the studio working with new lights and the lovely Lola. I wanted to take some of my previous work to a new level with a more fine art feel. I am starting to lean towards this way of shooting creating a narrative incorporating new fashion trends and styles. I am attracted to performance and perhaps vintage. 

Fashion Trend Shoot

After reviewing my portfolio, I felt that I needed to bring in some more high key images, so with the help of my lovely model Mollie, we worked with key trends for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 with strong purples, dark florals, reds, paisley and leopard prints. These will be uploaded very soon…have patience its going to be a busy final year!

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